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Strike App — Say goodbye to Paypal, Square, Cashapp, Zelle


Strike App — is the first of its kind bitcoin native neo bank that allows you to make bitcoin payments with US Dollars, receive bitcoin payment as US Dollar process as dollar payroll.

Strike App’s goal is to build a new payment stack on top of the world’s first new digital monetary network is bitcoin which can do anything in the payment space and the finance space is cheaper and faster and more global than anyone else with this new technology. Strike App is probably the most promising and appealing App in the bitcoin space, you may no longer need to use the exchange to buy, sell, receive or send bitcoin ever again. 

Strike App is available on iOS, Andriod, and Chrome extension, created by Jack Mallers CEO of the Zapp Wallet, Strike Beta App was launched on July 2nd, 2020, and the full version was released on August 10, 2020. Strike App is currently available in the USA excluding Texas, New York, Ohio, and Florida. Strike App is currently working on expanding and that will be done rapidly

Strike App

Strike App lets you deposit USD from your bank, credit card, or debit card into the app, it’s just like PayPal, Venmo, Square, CashApp, Zelle, etc where you can store and send money to other people. Similar to this app you can search for any user and send them money instantly. Another feature of the Strike App is, it gives every user their own tipping website. If you ever want to send tips to any friend or family, you’ll have your own website ready to send tips to, all you’ll have to do is open up your browser and your tipping website would be “”.

Unlike the other payment apps strike allows you to convert your USD to BTC and send them instantly to anybody else, to purchase a product. Strike App is massive for bitcoin adoption because typically you’ll need to go to an exchange and buy bitcoin, pay a fee, withdraw that bitcoin, pay another fee, and when you ready to send from your wallet you pay another fee. With Strike App you only pay one fee when sending bitcoin or no fee when using the lighting invoice and there are no tax liabilities because when you send bitcoin through Strike App you are essentially buying it and sending it at the exact same price, this cuts out exchange fees, saves you time and tax liabilities

You can send yourself bitcoin using Strike App, all you have to do is register the Strike App, input your bitcoin wallet address or scan the wallet address, enter the amount you want to send and if you want to convert it into bitcoin all you have to do is type in the amount and strike app will convert it. You’ll only have to pay the blockchain fees at the market.

Similar to any exchange or financial platform there are limits on how much you can deposit and send at any given period. Also, you’ll have to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) information to increase the amount of money you want to send. To increase the amount of money you send you must provide your Full Name, Address, Social Security Number, and Photo of your government-issued ID (Front and Back).

Strike App gives you cashback and unlike credit cards, Strike App credits straight into your Strike App account instantly and it’s available to spend or withdraw into your bank account just as fast. With Strike App cashback option you can use Bitrefill to purchase electronic gift cards. When you use Bitrefill they give you up to 1-10% back in bitcoin. Additionally, when you buy a gift card with Bitrefill your transaction is not tracked unlike your credit card, and that a better way to reclaim your privacy. Finally, your reward in Bitrefill will grow as the price of Bitcoin grows


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