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Bitcoin Vs Elon Musk = $1M ₿


Bitcoin Vs Elon Musk = $1M BTC

Bitcoin vs Elon Musk — Elon Musk is buying Bitcoin and retail investors are taking on Wallstreet. The current bitcoin price of $31,900 bulled all the way up to almost $39,000 and that link to one individual Elon Musk. On January 29, Elon Musk changed his bio to #Bitcoin and twitted “In retrospect, it was inevitable”.

There has been a long rally for many years for Elon Musk to try and get Elon Musk involved in cryptocurrency, to get him to buy bitcoin, Etheruem, and so on and he sort of brushed of mostly and spoke about it slightly in the past and having red crumps left on the internet as to whether he’s deciding to invest into cryptocurrency, weather he owns bitcoin yet and there’s been a major push for him to invest or purchase cryptocurrency but it turns out perhaps all along he has been holding bitcoin himself or he has been looking to forward to purchase it. Perhaps he’s even Satoshi Nakamoto himself, maybe he was the one who created bitcoin. This is just a rumor that I’m starting but there is a lot of news and information we can use to support this such as the fact that he was the founder of Paypal, he was one of the founders of the first digital currency inventors and pushing against Wallstreet and traditional finance so perhaps this has been a long time coming and all along Elon Musk has been the creator of Bitcoin.

Elon Musk is now a public supporter of Bitcoin, of course, due to Elon Musk not liking Wallstreet and also thinking short selling is a scam has he twitted

Bitcoin Vs Elon musk

And what he means by that is allowing you to bet against the market that stock is going to go down. And in this industry, he’s referencing what happened to GameStop stock recently. Essentially what is happening is for many years a huge Egdefund on Wallstreet has been short-selling GameStop stock all the way back from when it was $17 back in the days and they been short-selling it for many years and making billions of dollars of off the GameStop stock and in doing so they have been basically betting that this will eventually fail and go to zero.

Bitcoin vs Elon musk

And they’ve been highly leverage on this short so when a group of Redditors part of Wallstreetbet which find low capital stocks and pump and dump them. They managed to find out that these huge hedge funds have short sales on the GameStop stock and since nobody likes Wallstreet especially the retail stock investors and the people, they decided to bind together and start buying GameStop stock but in doing so they increased the price of GameStop stock so much that they force these hedge funds out of their short position. So essentially they had to liquidate in positions. So what ends up happening is if you are short or long on any sort of trade which turns in a direction that is unfavorable to your trade that you have bet on or leverage you can’t really go far into the negative unless you quit your trade because you will get liquidated and your account will be drained. And what ends up happening is this hedge fund actually has to start purchasing the stocks themselves to hedge against the shorts that they have which then further drives the stock of GameStop. So this was what happened to increase GameStop Stock to almost 800% in a few days thanks to this, making the retail investors win but not yet.

The need for decentralization has never been more apparent. GameStop stock increased so much that companies like Robinhood, TD and other retail investing platforms which allows the people to trade and allow everyone on the street to purchase stock on a public traded company to invest and take their finances into their own hands actually started halting against trading and they did this to protect these hedge funds. Although this is not the narrative that is proven yet it is kind of suspicious. Why would they restrict these trades? Perhaps we can say there was a liquidity crisis, maybe a big shark requested they halt trading and because they didn’t want to lose their money. That’s the thing with centralization, is that everyone is eyeing and doing what they want to do. Short selling stocks until the retail investor fight back and when they bind together nothing is stopping them except centralization.


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